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Sunday School

Sunday School (Sunday mornings, 8:45-9:30 a.m.)

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Preschool—Grade 7:
For students in Preschool through Grade 7, our Sunday School program ties in to the Sunday morning readings that we hear each week in worship. Classes are team taught, and students grow in both faith and understanding, as they sing, play, talk, and listen. An example of some of the creativity of our teachers can be found in our First and Second Grade class where each spring the students take part in the process of writing their own play, which then gets presented in a performance for other students, teachers, and interested adults. For more information on our Sunday school curriculum, visit

Middle School & High School:
For middle school and high school students (grades seven through twelve), we offer a program geared towards conversation and relationship building. Each Sunday, students gather to enjoy a beverage and some doughnuts, and discuss a faith topic. This class meets in the Youth Room, which is located downstairs.  The selection of that space is very intentional.  At OSLC, we want our youth in the heart of our community, so that their gifts might be both shared and received.


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